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Fully comprehensive brand and trademark searching solutions across billions of records from federal, state, common law, and social media databases.

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BrandPDQ brand and trademark enforcement solutions allow one to effortlessly and continuously monitor, protect, and enforce brand and trademark rights.

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Track your company’s or clients’ entire IP portfolio all in one cloud-based solution with layers of user access and ability to maintain multiple databases of information.

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Instantaneously search and access full-text documents across all USPTO office actions, TTAB cases, and file wrappers all in a single source.


The Global Brand Enforcement Platinum Suite

Which Includes

Global Domain Name Search
Global Logo Search
Global Ad Image Search
Global Anti-Counterfeit Search
*Global Reputation Management
*For an Upgrade

Our technology

Provides so much more than mere data.

Based on the billions of records of data we process for each and every search, we provide virtually instanteous insight and analysis, which lets you know when to dig deeper, and when to move on, allowing you to do more, faster.

Our proprietary algorithms, engineered with more than 60 years of combined intellectual property law expertise, provide insight into the following three areas:

Insight indicator of very, low, medium, or high level of use, risk of challenge, and risk of rejection.
Brand PDQ Risk Indicator


This gauge assesses the level of use and of the term(s) in the marketplace by third parties.


This gauge assesses the level of risk of a third party challenging the use or registration of this brand or mark.


This gauge assesses the level of risk of initial rejection on a USPTO trademark application.

Did you know?

Infringement instances.

41 % of brand owners surveyed experienced up to 10 instances of infringement in the last year.* Don’t let that be you.
*Based on 2017 Global Trademark Professionals Survey.

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The service provided [by Brand PDQ] has been exceptional – rapid and accurate with options and recommendations in plain English. We were recently recognized as #44 on the INC. 500 list of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America. IPWatch [Brand PDQ] helped us to get there.
Eric Taylor

CEO, President and Chairman, Enalasys Corp.

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Our sources of data

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So you're curious

What is “big data”?

BrandPDQ harnesses the power of Big Data and patent-pending algorithms.

Process and analyze billions of data points for each search.  We provide you the full population of data searched, not just a sample.

We provide insight and analysis into the data to make quick decisions.

All databases sources are included in our search reports. You pay one price for all data.

Multiple sources of data to power algorithms for actionable insight

Big data is a term used to describe the amount of data that runs businesses. Big data is a set of data that is in such a large volume that most traditional data processing software is unable to process it. BrandPDQ provides clients a way to search through all big data, saving you time and resources.

What is "Big Data"

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