You know that here at IPWatch, we like to honk our own horn (because our technology is top notch!). It turns out that we aren’t the only ones bragging about what we can do. Quinn IP Law partnered with Tapco gave us a pretty great shout out regarding how our services have helped them.


“Quinn IP Law partners with IPWatch Systems Corporation to utilize the IPWatch intellectual property and brand management platform of solutions that provides comprehensive searching, monitoring, and policing software to provide the highest quality data and accuracy, expedited and concise results, typically within seconds to minutes, and opinions at a fraction of the cost of traditional legal service providers while reducing the human error in searching and docketing.” Quinn IP Law

Procurement, Management, and Enforcement

Quinn IP Law partners with Tapco to reduce costs from legal service providers who do not use Tapco’s resources to the best of their potential. For this to happen, a plan was developed for the “procurement, management, and enforcement of Tapco’s intellectual property assets” (Quinn IP Law). The goal is to maximize client’s intellectual property while bringing in more revenue and reduce the cost of legal expenditures.


“The IPWatch technology dramatically reduces the potential for human error typically associated with conventional trademark search tools and decreases the amount of time dedicated to the searching.” Quinn IP Law

Going Forward

With our technology Quinn IP Law and Tapco have been able to go forward with their goal. Of course, we are honored to be apart of that success (in case you couldn’t tell). With that said, that success does not have to be exclusive to Quinn IP Law and Tapco! Our services can help you meet your goals through our Trademark searching and policing software. Click below to get started!