New Years is right around the corner and people are beginning to get their resolutions in order. Many people vow to attempt a healthier lifestyle through diet or exercise. As a business manager, it can be just as helpful for your business’s health to create a resolution. Just as you sign up for that annual membership to a gym to push yourself into taking steps for a healthier lifestyle, you can create goals and make a plan to improve your business’s health.

1) Identify the problem

As you attempt to slide on a pair of jeans you’ve had for months, you notice they seem a bit snugger than they have been in the past. The first step to successfully creating a business new years resolution is to identify “the snug jeans”.  It would be difficult to create a resolution without finding the problem first, eh? Maybe that entails identifying a pattern of high employee turnover, or reviewing your brand reputation and presence on social media. Our team likes to use website analytic tools to determine what gets attention on our website . . . and what definitely does not. Our brand management tools don’t hurt either when it comes to monitoring and maintaining a reputation.

2) Develop a goal

You’ve identified the snug pants . . . now what? The next step is to create a statement of your problem with how you will fix it. “My pants don’t fit anymore and I’m going to invest in a gym membership to fix it!”. Verbally creating a statement is a great way to start making your resolution a reality. For a business, brainstorming possible solutions is an important step. Your business’s problem may not be as simple to fix as buying a gym membership – and that’s okay! Perhaps you even become frustrated because you and your team don’t know how to create a solution. That’s okay too! The solution may then be as simple as taking classes, workshops or seminars to learn more.

3) Make a plan . . . and actually follow it

You’ve identified the snug pants and enrolled in a gym. This means little if you don’t develop a plan and follow through with it. Those pants will get no looser if you don’t use the gym membership. For an individual, that may mean marking days in your planner that you will go to the gym and treating it as a true commitment. For a business that could be making appointments to consult with an accountant for financial troubles, hiring on more qualified team members, or buying BrandPDQ solutions for brand management and enforcement (Hint hint, nudge nudge). Whatever it may be, just remember to follow through! A resolution means absolutely nothing if it is a spur of the moment goal.

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